I met Dr. Larry Reesor in 1993, and I was impacted with his vision and commitment to see pastors and churches on fire for World Missions. He invited me to attend the Global Focus Leadership Seminar, and I was so blessed with the content and the tools that I came back to Brazil and applied the principles and dynamics in my church here in Brazil. We are attempting to model the Global Focus ministry in our local church in order to set the example for our churches in Brazil. Our country is a developing country, yet we are making a significant impact financially, in prayer, in sending missionaries, and in developing partnerships all over the world. I believe Global Focus can be a valuable and critical tool for pastors and churches in every country of the world.

Edison Queiroz
Senior Pastor, Primera Conexion
Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Global Focus was founded in 1995 by Dr. Larry Reesor. Larry became convinced of two concepts that are the foundation of Global Focus to this day. First, the local church is God’s chosen instrument to take the love and good news of Jesus to the world. Second, the pastor and church leaders are the ones whom God has ordained to lead the local church intro strategic involvement in the world.


The Global Focus team has leveraged years of practical experience and developed an effective approach to engaging a church in loving service to its community and the world. Since 1995 we have helped thousands of churches implement the Global Focus mobilization process. Those churches have more people engaged in missions, give significantly more money to missions and they have been able to change the world.


In 2014 Rafael C. started Enfoque Global (Global Focus Latin America). He started using the exact same principals to mentor churches all over Latin America. These churches today are now sending their own people (now over 50 families from Latin America have been sent from Global Focus churches and are serving long term in unreached areas), and participating in short term missions trips around the world. These churches are praying weekly for missions and missionaries and are sacrificially giving to missions. Rafael’s team of facilitators are mentoring over 300 churches in Latin America, and 6 major denominations.

There is not a ministry on the planet that has helped our fellowship engage in international missions like Global Focus. My good friend, Dr. Larry Reesor, is passionate about seeing the peoples of the world come to know the Lord Jesus personally. He and his staff are leading the charge in attempting to penetrate the lostness of the world. I shall always be indebted to Larry and Global Focus for giving us the tools to help us prioritize reaching the nations for Christ. They have been key instruments in the churches of our denomination in implementing and prioritizing Acts 1:8 local/global ministries. I commend them to you and the churches of your country.

Dr. Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention
Woodstock, Georgia, USA


Since 1995 Global Focus has been one of the leaders in church missions mobilization. Global Focus has served as a catalyst to hundreds of churches in the USA, and those churches have been changed forever. Only heaven knows how much the Kingdom has been advanced as a result of the missions ministry of those churches. What we do know is:
  • Churches understand their role and purpose in God’s global mission.
  • The value of missions in church life has been elevated.
  • Giving to missions has been increased significantly.
  • Prayer for missions is part of the normal church service and life.
  • Awareness of and interest in missions has been enhanced.
  • And more people are now on assignment in missions both across the street and around the world.
In recent years, Global Focus has expanded its ministry to help pastors and churches around the world. Right now, Global Focus is working in more than 10 countries and helping thousands of churches.
We constantly receive feedback from both pastors and missions leaders about how God is using the ministry of Global Focus and the impact it is having throughout the world.