Global Focus helps pastors and church leaders to be more effective in mobilizing their churches to reach the world for Christ through teaching, training, and coaching.

Enfoque Global ha sido para nuestra iglesia un instrumento divino que ha que ha producido una renovación de nuestro compromiso misionero y nos ha permitido experimentar un proceso de emocionantes cambios. Esto le ha dado una nueva vitalidad a los proyectos locales y globales, ha hecho que las ofrendas misioneras crezcan, y que cientos de miembros que eran solo espectadores, se involucren con pasión como instrumentos en la evangelización, la intercesión, viajes de corto plazo. Ahora se ha logrado que todo lo que hacemos dentro de la iglesia tenga el propósito de cumplir Hechos 1:8.

Luis Marti
Former Pastor of Iglesia Bautist Miramonte (El Salvador)
Former Vice President COMIBAM

What We Do
Our consuming passion is to see every local church take its rightful place in God’s great mission. So we train and coach pastors and leaders to lead their congregation to be a Spirit-powered mission force across the street and around the world. We help churches …
  • Embrace God’s heart for the nations
  • Align their church around the mission
  • Implement the Global Focus missional process, which mobilizes the entire congregation to be on mission with God, both locally and globally.
Does your church have a strategy for engaging every member in missions – whether across the street or around the world? The vast majority of career missionaries were profoundly influenced by their local church. It could be a sermon by a pastor or missionary, a presentation from a visiting missionary, or a short-term mission trip sponsored by their church.
Local churches have the ability and the responsibility to influence and to mobilize their congregations to engage in God’s Mission. Imagine what would happen if we could actually mobilize our entire church! But many churches do not have a plan or an effective process for engaging their people in the only cause that really matters. That’s where Global Focus can help; we have the plan; we have the tools,  and we have the expertise to help implement them in your church. We can help you turn your congregation into a global mission force!
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Our Foundational Beliefs
  • The glory of God is the primary motivation and the ultimate culmination of missions.
  • The local church is God’s primary instrument to communicate the message of salvation to the world.
  • The pastor is the key influencer for mobilizing the local church to be a local/global church.
  • Helping people in the church find their kingdom assignment and invest in God’s global cause is essential to mobilizing a church for missions.
  • Every person on the planet must hear the gospel.
  • Multiplication is key to mobilization
Our Governing Values
  • We are servants who use our expertise in ways that enhance the church.
  • We love the church and desire to see it reach its potential.
  • We empathize with pastors and seek to encourage and empower them.
  • We are kingdom minded and are not limited by denominational boundaries.
  • We are committed to integrity and will conduct our business in a way that honors God and builds trust.